Version: 1.0.2
Updated: 13.09.2004

This is an accompanying example for How to use DbgHelp to access type information article. It reads debug information for an executable specified by the user, and shows the exact type of every variable or function, as well as other interesting information.

Usage: TypeInfoDump FileName
where FileName is the name of the executable or a .PDB file

TypeInfoDump depends on DbgHelp.dll (DbgHelp.dll or newer is required). The DLL must be in the same directory as TypeInfoDump executable. You can download the DLL with TypeInfoDump, or you also can download TypeInfoDump only and obtain DbgHelp.dll from another source (the latest version of DbgHelp.dll is usually supplied with Debugging Tools for Windows).

Download TypeInfoDump (DbgHelp.dll and SymSrv.dll included) (475 Kb)
Download TypeInfoDump (DbgHelp.dll and SymSrv.dll are not included) (37 Kb)
Download source code (23 Kb)