Version: 1.0.3
Updated: 10.02.2005

MiniDumpView utility can be used to display the contents of data streams in a minidump. In particular, the following information can be shown:

  • Operating system and CPU information
  • Process information (process ID and times)
  • Module list (with detailed information about every module)
  • Thread list (with detailed information about every thread)
  • Exception information
  • List of memory regions saved in the minidump
  • List of open handles
  • Virtual memory layout
  • Comments

See this article for more information about various kinds of data that can be found in a minidump.

Usage: MdpView FileName
where FileName is the name of the minidump file

MiniDumpView depends on DbgHelp.dll (DbgHelp.dll or newer is required). The DLL must be in the same directory as MiniDumpView executable. You can download the DLL with MiniDumpView, or you also can download MiniDumpView only and obtain DbgHelp.dll from another source (the latest version of DbgHelp.dll is usually supplied with Debugging Tools for Windows).

Download MiniDumpView (DbgHelp.dll included) (445 Kb)
Download MiniDumpView (DbgHelp.dll is not included) (34 Kb)