Software quality services

In most organizations, QA engineers are too busy with feature testing, and - let's admit it - often simply not qualified enough to ensure that the software does not have reliability issues. In some other organizations, there are no QA engineers at all, and developers usually do not have time and/or qualification to ensure that the software is reliable. But in fact, a really qualified person with the right tools can ensure that the software is reliable with relatively minimal investment of time and money.

We help our customers to ensure that their software is highly reliable, and we do it for a fraction of the cost associated with having even a single QA engineer on staff. As a result, our customers achieve both high quality software and often significant cost savings.

Here is the list of technologies we are currently working with:

  • Native Windows applications (e.g. C++/Win32)
  • .NET applications
  • ASP.NET applications

Please use the contact page to contact us, discuss your project and find out how we could help you to improve the quality of your software and achieve cost savings. You will not be disappointed.