Quality control for outsourcing customers


Many organizations currently outsource their non-core software projects to external vendors. This is beneficial and cost effective if the outsourcing vendor is good enough. But good outsourcing vendors are not easy to find, and often it happens that the quality of outsourced software is low. Unfortunately, outsourcing customers are virtually powerless in this situation, because they do not have in-house skills to take over the project and improve its quality.


Here we can help. A qualified person with the right tools can ensure that the software is reliable with relatively minimal investment of time and money. If engaged in the early stages of the project's lifetime, we will work with the outsourcing vendor to ensure that the software is highly reliable, and, if necessary, help them acquire the necessary skills to improve the quality of their work. And it can be done for a fraction of a cost associated with having even a single QA engineer on staff.

If engaged late, when the project is already suffering from quality issues, we can check the project, identify the reasons of the problems, and ensure that the vendor resolves them properly. We can even take over the problematic project and complete it ourselves, if necessary, or help with the transition to another outsourcing vendor.

Our specialists have real life project management experience on both sides of the outsourcing equation.

Here is the list of technologies we are currently working with:

  • Native Windows applications (e.g. C++/Win32)
  • .NET applications
  • ASP.NET applications

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