Q.: Where is DebugInfo located?

A.: DebugInfo is located in Turku, Finland. However, it does not prevent us from effectively working with customers located around the globe. In fact, most of our customers are located in North America.

Just in case, here is our contact information:

Address: Laitainen 5 A2, 20900, Turku, Finland
Phone: +358 40 511 6054

Q.: What kinds of applications do we work with?

A.: Here is the list:

  • Native Windows applications (e.g. C++/Win32)
  • .NET applications

Q.: What is the typical length of a debugging engagement?

A.: In most cases it takes only 2-3 days to resolve even the most complicated issues.

Q.: Is source code needed for successful debugging?

A.: In most cases, we are able to find the problem without looking at the source code (which means that in most cases you will not have to send us the source code of your application). This is especially true in case of .NET and ASP.NET applications.