Custom filters for unhandled exceptions

Here are the accompanying examples for Debugging custom filters for unhandled exceptions article.

Debugging API examples

These examples demonstrate how to implement a debugger with the help of Win32 Debugging API functions (DebugActiveProcess, WaitForDebugEvent, etc.). They show how to start debugging, process debug events, load symbols, walk and display call stacks, and so on.


This example demonstrates a bit curious but fully documented way to obtain the list of handles opened by a process. Of course, using DbgHelp library.

Minidump examples

Here are the accompanying examples for Effective Minidumps article. They show how to use MiniDumpWriteDump, MiniDumpCallback and MiniDumpReadDumpStream functions in various circumstances.


This is an accompanying example for Matching debug information article. It shows how to locate debug information in a PE executable and analyze its contents. Starting with the data directory in the executable's optional header, it proceeds to the debug directory and obtains the list of all kinds of debug information available in the executable. Then it displays detailed information about every debug directory entry and the corresponding data.

DbgHelp examples

Complete examples of using DbgHelp functions.